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The Vascular Surgery Specialty Delivery Group brings together key clinical, operational and managerial experts from across NHS Scotland and Scottish Government to develop a number of 'Once for Scotland' pathways.

Membership includes a nominated clinical, nursing and management lead from all NHS Scotland Boards providing Vascular Surgery services.


We have made considerable progress implementing Active Clinical Referral Triage (ACRT), and will continue to support Boards to refine and expand this.

We will be also be working with Boards to embed Discharge Patient Initiated Review (PIR) within Vascular Surgery services to ensure this person-centred approach is available wherever appropriate.


National Pathway

Publication Date

Review Date

Venous Leg Ulcer V1.2 [PDF]

October 2023

April 2025

Chronic Limb Threatening Ischameia V1.2 [PDF]

October 2023

April 2025

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm [PDF]

May 2023

May 2026

 Pathways in development

  • Intermittent Claudication