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The Orthopaedic Specialty Delivery Group represents the joint operational body supporting the delivery of Orthopaedic Surgery across all NHS Boards in Scotland:

  • Scottish Orthopaedic Service Delivery Group (SOSDG)
  • National Orthopaedic Development Group (NODG)

The Orthopaedic Specialty Delivery Group:

  • Provides strong clinical and operational leadership and support to orthopaedic teams across NHS Scotland.
  • Monitors the volume and trajectories of new Outpatient and Surgical Waiting lists across Scotland.
  • Monitors and advises on the implementation of the National Treatment Centre programme.
  • Provides clinically relevant advice on the optimal provision of pathways.
  • Supports the implementation of relevant CfSD programmes.
  • Supports and coordinates the work of the national audits: Scottish Arthroplasty Project SAP and Scottish Hip Fracture Audit

National consenus statement

Read the national consensus statement on Universal Arthroplasty Review Programmes [PDF]


The Orthopaedic Specialty Delivery Group continues to develop measurement to ensure these programmes have the desured benefits for NHS Scotland patients.

This includes bespoke data capture to support implementation of process such as Active Clinical Referral Triage, Discharge Patient Initiated Reviews, Opt-In Pathways and increased use of CfSD Heat Map data collection.